Wildo Camp-a-box Light BIO

Wildo Camp-a-box Light BIO

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Small and flexible plate box for those who are going on a lighter trip or want to keep the weight down in the pack. Contains Plate, folding cup and combined fork, knife and spoon.

Wildo Bio series.

Reducing fossil resources with more sustainable materials is no longer a luxury we choose, but a necessary way to go. Function and durability for long-term use make Wildo products so appreciated worldwide. An important part of many people's outdoor equipment. Wildo wants to develop more! Now introducing the Wildo Bio Green series, the classic products that merge with the future and become greener than ever. Our new bioplastic is composed of 50% sugar cane which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and pursues Wildo's goal of a more sustainable society without compromising quality and remaining recyclable.

Ecological sustainability

- Supply chains free from deforestation.

- Protection of land, water and air throughout production.

- Preservation of biodiversity areas. Social working conditions

- Ensure safe working conditions.

- Strict compliance with local and international workers' rights and human rights.


The Camp-A-Box® Light is BPA-Free

Size: 19 x 13 x 5 cm

Material: TPO, TPEPlant based over all content 60%

Weight 150 grams