About OutdoorSupply

The people who started the company are called Robert and Linda. As a child Robert was a scout, as an adult we have spent a lot of time outside together, as a parent he is a leader in the promotion of outdoor activities.

We love being out in nature and all activities that give us the opportunity to spend more time outside, both on our own and with our children. For us, it is also important to contribute to a better world so that we can hand over our planet to future generations in a good condition.

The idea for the company is based on the fact that over the years we have bought equipment that we have gradually replaced with new equipment when we learned more about what we need, our needs have changed or because of interest in gadgets we have upgraded. For 48 weeks of the year, our tents and sleeping bags are on a shelf in the warehouse. It is clearly a bad thing for the environment and also unnecessary that it is not used more often. We want to change that.

Many only need equipment from time to time. Others are going on an adventure that requires different equipment than what they have. There are also many with a newfound interest in outdoor life and want to try it out before investing in gadgets that they will hopefully enjoy for many years to come. For all these people, we believe we can contribute to more time outside and make dreams of outdoor adventures come true.

Our business model is circular in the sense that our products can be used by more people, which leads to less consumed resources. It's good for our planet. In this way, you as a customer also get access to the equipment when you need it, but avoid buying and storing gadgets that you use from time to time. Our hope is that we lower the thresholds for outdoor life for those who are new. By only offering equipment that we use ourselves, we are proud of our range.

Hope you will be satisfied with the products from OutdoorSupply. We run the store through our company Stubbologi AB 559337-1577.