Questions and answers

What date should I choose for my booking?

You specify the date you want the products you rent and the date you will hand them in to the agent for return. We guarantee that you will receive the package with your products no later than the morning of the start date you have chosen. Our deliveries are made with trackable shipping.

What condition is the equipment in?

Our equipment is in good condition and is guaranteed to be always complete and clean. We continuously invest in replacing the equipment to always offer fresh stuff. After each rental, the equipment is functionally tested and cleaned to ensure that you will be satisfied as a customer.

It is not possible to book the date I want to go on tour.

The booking must be made three days in advance in order to guarantee that we can deliver on time. The shortest period we offer for booking is three days. At certain times of the year we have high pressure and it may happen that individual products are sold out. Feel free to contact us to get suggestions for alternatives.

I'm in a hurry and want the stuff by tomorrow.

Sometimes there is a rush and we like to solve problems. Feel free to contact us by phone and we will see what we can do.

What happens if something is damaged that I have rented?

It can of course happen and then we want you to fill in the return slip to inform us about it. We fix what can be fixed and replace what is missing. When it entails a cost, we charge you the cost of it. If equipment is lost or destroyed, you are responsible for the cost we incur to replace it with an equivalent product.

Is the equipment insured?

The lessee is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is insured if necessary, for example through home insurance with an all-risk supplement.

Can I cancel my rental?

Up to three days before your first day of booking, you can email us at and cancel your order. If you do, we will refund the full amount of the rental and the cost of shipping.

Can I change the date of my booking?

Up until the first day of the rental period, you can contact us and change the length of your rental to a longer or shorter period. Then we will adjust it if possible based on other booking conditions and adjust the cost according to the regular price list.

What happens if I return the items too late?

You are responsible for handing in the products to the transport company on the last day of your booking. Keep the return receipt for the returned product. If the product is handed in for return too late, it entails a late fee of SEK 200 + rent for the number of days you are late. Contact us instead of extending the rent and you will avoid the late fee.