PRIMUS Lite Stove
PRIMUS Lite Stove
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PRIMUS Lite Stove

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Product description

The Lite Stove System is the perfect kitchen for one person or coffee break for two. The kitchen has a cover of G-1000 ECO Lite insulated with felt for safe handling.

The compact burner fits together with 100 gram gas container and 500 ml hard-anodized aluminum pot. The unique pot-to-burner locking mechanism provides a secure connection.

The Laminar Flow Burner technology with a built-in heat exchanger makes the stove incredibly efficient. Water is boiled in less than three minutes.

ATTENTION! Gas is not included in the rent. You can buy gas in small containers suitable for outdoor cooking in many sporting goods stores, hardware stores or accessory chains.


If you have rented the product and want to buy it, the rental cost is deducted as a discount.


- Pot lid made of 94.5% bio-based plastic

- The lid can be used as a mug

- 500 ml hard-anodized aluminum pot with integrated pouring spout

- Integrated pot supports enable cooking with any pot or pan

- Large control dial for fine tuning from simmering to boiling

- Case made of G-1000 ECO Lite insulated with felt

- Strap handle that also works for hanging

- Stand made of 94% bio-based plastic provides increased stability on uneven ground

- Piezo igniter starts the burner, no matches or lighter needed

- Pocket for long spoon, coffee or tea strainer


Power: 1500 W

Estimated capacity: 1-2 people

Boiling time for 0.5 litres: 2:45 min

Dimensions: 150 x 100 mm

Igniter: Piezo

Weight 390 grams