Primus Kuchoma Stove

Primus Kuchoma Stove

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Kuchoma is a light and compact grill. It is optimized to be as small and light as possible without compromising on performance and functionality. The grill provides both direct and indirect heat.

The large steel hood leaves plenty of room for barbecue skewers as well as slow cooking. Close the lid to retain flavor and cook over indirect heat. The ceramic grid has a non-stick treatment and stainless steel drip tray for convenient cleaning, by hand or in the dishwasher.

The grill is operated with the smaller and lighter type of gas container normally used for camping kitchens of 100, 230 or 450 grams.

- Light and compact grill with two burners
- Removable support for pans and drip tray for easy cleaning
- With double burners, several dishes can be cooked simultaneously at different temperatures
- The kitchen has a convenient wooden handle for transport
- Adapters for other connections are available
- Locking mechanism keeps the regulator in place during transport

- Power : 2x30 00 W
- Estimated capacity: 1-10 people
- Powered by Primus 100, 230 or 450 gram gas containers

- Igniter : manual
- Dimensions: 475 x 295 x 78 mm

3700 grams