JETBOIL Zip 0.8 liter

JETBOIL Zip 0.8 liter

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Everyone wants to combine simplicity with light weight and this is the answer from Jetboil. For most people, oatmeal greens, soups, freeze dried and coffee are what you live on during the trip and then this is an incredibly convenient solution for boiling water on the trip.

A very easy-to-use system for cooking with gas, or rather boiling water for your coffee and freeze-dried food. This version is good for 1-2 people. It offers light weight and the basic features you need for your adventures.

NOTE! Gas is not included in the rent. You can buy gas in small containers suitable for outdoor cooking in many sporting goods stores, hardware stores or accessory chains.


Boiling time for 5 dl of water: 2.5 minutes

Weight: 340 grams

Fuel: Gas

Piezo igniter: No

Volume: Holds 0.8 liters