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We personally use this tent often. It is relatively light and maintains a high quality. It has a VERY generous apse for gear and shoes. It stands in all weathers all year round, and the red color is awesome. The indoor environment in the tent is unbeatable.

Nallo 2 GT is a 4-season tunnel model tent for 2 people with an extended apse for extra space for packing and e.g. cooking, at a relatively low weight. It is a wind- and weather-stable tent in which you stay dry and safe regardless of the weather. It fits well in forest environments as well as in the mountains. What characterizes the tent above all is the extra space in the apse. Being snowed in one day won't be as challenging with the extra space. Many hikers with children also appreciate a larger space.

NOTE! Don't forget to book snow sticks if you are camping in winter.


Gross weight: 2.9 kg (packed with everything included)

Net weight: 2.4 kg (outer, inner tent and tent poles)

Ground pegs: 20 pcs

Tent poles: 3 pcs

Absides: 1 pc

Number of people: 2

Season: 4 seasons

Durability: Locally produced