GARMIN Inreach Mini 2

GARMIN Inreach Mini 2

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A Garmin isn't a gadget, it's insurance. Hopefully you won't have to use it, but will do it to keep in touch with them back home and get to be out some more, a little further away.

Safety is A and O. When your adventure is beyond mobile coverage, an emergency transmitter is a safety that is not worth compromising on. Garmin Inreach Mini is, as the name suggests, small in size and weighs no more than 100 g. Despite this, you have the possibility of SOS calls and calling for mountain rescue, GPS, messaging function to send short text messages to relatives' mobile phones and tracking that allows friends and acquaintances to follow your adventure.

Garmin Inreach uses the Iridium satellite system and works worldwide. The rent includes a subscription and a number of messages depending on how long you book. Both received and sent messages + weather reports count. After that, each message costs SEK 5.

Number of messages included:

3-5 days: 10 message

6-9 days: 20 messages

10-14 days: 30 messages

15+ days: unlimited messages

We recommend using the Garmin when you need it and turning it off in between. That way, you save power and can count on the device's battery easily lasting a week. Otherwise, a cord is included and you can charge through a power bank, for example.