EXPED DownMat 9 (Medium)

EXPED DownMat 9 (Medium)

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This is what you need if you don't want to freeze when winter camping. It is a high-quality down-filled and inflatable sleeping pad. This means that you sleep both comfortably and without freezing. Feel free to combine with the Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag.

With this inflatable sleeping pad from Exped, you sleep comfortably while getting very good protection against ground cold. It is the ground cold that is important to protect against in order not to freeze during the cold season. The sleeping pad has been developed for winter use and is filled with down. This makes it perfect for those of you who winter tents or are just frozen by you. Despite its very good insulating properties, it takes up a reasonable amount of space and weight in the pack. This model has an integrated pump.


Size: 183x59x9 cm

Weight: 980 g

Package size: 24x16 cm

Temperature limit: -38C

Season: autumn/winter

Sustainability: RDS - Responsible Down Standard