Adventure food Pasta Carbonara

Adventure food Pasta Carbonara

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Classic pasta Carbonara for camping and outdoor life.


1. Open the bag at the mark. Fold out the bottom part. Remove the 'oxygen absorber'.

2. Add hot water up to line 9 (0.370 liters)

3. Stir thoroughly

4. Close the opening. Let stand 8 minutes.

5. Stir

6. Serve from the bag

Allergy information

Contains gluten, egg, milk. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts.


57% pasta (wheat, egg, salt), 11% cheese (whey powder, cheese powder, sunflower oil, salt, glucose syrup), 7% ham (pork, wheat starch, salt, smoke extract, food acid (rosemary extract, citric acid), preservative (E250)) , sunflower oil, milk powder, coconut oil, potato starch, 4% paprika, 2% leek, 2% onion, 0.07% pepper, salt.

Nutritional value/100g

Energy 420 kcal (1760 kJ)

Fat 15.4 g (saturated: 9.1 g)

Carbohydrates 55.3 g (sugar: 5.4 g)

Protein 13.6 g

Salt 3.3 g

Fibers 5.3 g