Pack right for your adventure

So, it's time for an adventure and you're planning to pack your bag. Packing for your adventure is an important part of the preparation that will help you have the best and safest trip possible. It is easy to think of many things that "could be good to have", but remember that everything must be carried by you and your companions on your back. The lighter the pack, the more you can enjoy the ride. Having said that, there are some things you don't want to miss either. At the end of this post, I've attached suggestions for a packing list. It is not the truth about what is needed to get by on the trip, but a help on the trot that you will probably have new ones. But first, I want to share some tips about the contents of your pack.

Clothes & weather

You should check what the weather looks like on one of the most common weather services. I also recommend that you read up on how the weather can change during the season you plan to go out. For example, STF usually has good information about seasonal weather in many places in Sweden. Especially in the mountains, the weather changes quickly. Expect to have to cope with both freezing temperatures at night, even in summer, and strong winds. This applies regardless of what the forecast looks like. Therefore, pack an extra warm sweater and rain gear in all situations. Weather is one of those things that can quickly dampen your spirits and make you make bad decisions.


Today there are many smart apps with map services for hiking that can be used to advantage. They are easy to use and I highly recommend them. One of those that I have good experience with is the Naturkartan. However, remember that you cannot rely on the phone alone. As you know, phones run out of battery, they can stop working because they get wet or you lose that ground. Beyond civilization, it is also often the case that you have no cover. Therefore, make sure you always have a map and compass with you. It is also important that you know how to use these.

First aid

You should always have first aid with you. The things that I myself have most often used in my kit are chafing plasters, fever reducers/pain relievers and tweezers. But I also recommend that you bring gauze, plasters, rubbing alcohol, compresses and other things that may be needed. I do not claim here to offer a complete list as it also depends on your state of health and what may occur. Remember, better safe than sorry.

Organize your packing

One thing that makes it easier when you're out on a trip is to keep things in order. A good way to avoid searching until you go crazy for that thing you want is to divide the packing into several packing bags of some kind. One for clothes, one for food, one for first aid etc. Also remember to bring the amount you need so you don't carry more than necessary. Do you need a whole roll of paper for toilet visits, or will a third be enough? Do you need a whole package of raisins, or will half be enough? All such small weight and volume savings make a big difference. A rucksack is best packed so that heavier parts of the equipment end up closest to the back and high up in the rucksack for best balance when carrying.

Indispensable in my opinion

I have carried a lot with me that I might as well have left at home. Some of the things I've never regretted bringing are binoculars for navigation and exploring the surroundings. Knife that can be used for so many things and is not always needed, but always good to have. Snacks and sweets are truly a lifesaver that should not be underestimated. When you encounter bad weather, are hungry and feel unsure of where you really are, it's easy to make the wrong decision. Take a break, replenish your energy and think over the situation again, and the chances of a better decision increase.

Easy to miss

Something that many people miss taking with them is a garbage bag to carry the garbage home with them. It is rarely possible to throw rubbish on the road, and even if it does, it may for example be brought down from the mountain by helicopter. Carry it down yourself instead. A poo shovel should also be included in each package. No one wants to run at the site of a former hiker's accomplished needs. A flower spade works just fine.

Link to packing list.pdf